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Our Embroidery Personal Training is designed to be tailored to meet your needs. You decide what topics you would like covered and we will create a day or a complete program which meets those needs. Our Embroidery Seminars cover a wide range of topics such as Wilcom software, CorelDRAW software, Applique, Basic digitizing, Lettering and more. The seminar format is a great economical method to receive high quality instruction that has been professionally developed. Embroidery Digitizing Tutoring Program is designed for students who would like thier work accessed. Embroidery Digitizing Internships are designed to provide a large concentration of learning in a short amount of time. Learn to use Wilcom embroidery software from an Authorized Training Center. We offer Wilcom training in seminars, one-on-one, online and on video. Learn Wilcom software, CorelDRAW software or the basics of digitizing from our Digitzing Theory class from the comfort of your home or office. Weekly classes progress through a professionally design courses of study. If your style of learning is from videos, we have videos on Wilcom software and CorelDRAW software. We have books on embroidery digitizing, CorelDRAW and Illustrator.
Our Wilcom software videos may be used as a stand alone training program or as a way to suppliment an online students course of study. The videos follow a professionally planned course of study designed to teach a student the very basic through the most complex Wilcom software feature. The videos feature Master Embroidery Designer Thomas L. Moore, Jr, who is the author of the book Digitizing 101, a CorelDRAW Training Partner and Wilcom Authorized Trainer. View FREE Wilcom video samples on YouTube. Check them out!
Whether you are learning to use CorelDRAW v9 through X4 we have a video series for you. Learn to use CorelDRAW in the comfort of your home or office. Digitizing 101 provides 300 pages on digitizing for embroidery instruction by Master Embroidery Designer Thomas L. Moore, Jr. This CorelDRAW book instructs on the basics of creating artwork in CorelDRAW for screenprint. All left crest designs are $50, no art fees and three day turnaround.
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